X-Rite Demonstrates New Solutions for Colour Management at ITMA Asia+CITME 20

X-Rite Demonstrates New Solutions for Colour Management at ITMA Asia+CITME 2014 Show in Shanghai


X-Rite Demonstrates New Solutions for Colour Management at ITMA Asia+CITME 2014 Show in Shanghai


Company to show flexible colour and appearance solutions for textiles that have applications  from design and inspiration stages of manufacturing to finished product.


SHANGHAI, China 11 June, 2014 – X-Rite Asia Pacific Ltd. will present new technologies at the ITMA Asia+CITME 2014 show in Shanghai from 16 to 20 June that textile manufacturers and dye houses can use to accurately communicate colour data between plants and to all stakeholders in a worldwide supply chain.  


X-Rite representatives at booth N5B23 in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre will demonstrate affordable technologies that companies involved in every aspect of textile manufacturing can use to precisely control the colour of their products. Pre-show information may be obtained by visiting www.xrite.cn or contacting X-Rite Greater China Marketing Manager Lily Dong at lilydong@xrite.com.


The company will be offering 100 free show passes and mouse pads to those who register on its virtual tradeshow website prior to the show.


Senior Sales Manager James Guo and X-Rite Textile Application Manager Steven Yan will be holding a free seminar on 17 June from 2 to 6 p.m. at N5 M49 on two subjects that are critical for textile manufacturers: “Total colour management solutions for textile supply chains,” and “How dye mills can enhance productivity through colour management.”


Among other products new to the show, the Ci™4200 benchtop spectrophotometer offers tighter controls of colour for incoming materials, in-process samples and finished goods. The Ci4200 is also available with a UV lamp (Ci™4200UV) for accurate colour measurement of textiles that contain optical brightening agents. The easy-to-use instrument features a small footprint and the ability to measure surfaces in a horizontal or vertical position. 


The Ci6x Series™ of versatile handheld spectrophotometers provides tighter controls of colour for materials, in-process parts and finished goods, along with audit trails to ensure productivity for facilities with multiple sites. Like the Ci4200, the Ci64 can come in a UV version for accurate measurement of colours of textiles with optical brightener agents.


Using NetProfiler® 3.0, companies can profile their Ci6xs, Ci4200s and other spectrophotometers to ensure accuracy and consistency across measurement devices within a single facility or across geographies.  NetProfiler enables the accurate exchange of spectral colour data in applications where colour tolerances are tight and there is little room for error.  When instruments are enabled with NetProfiler, companies can lower the cost of colour programs by helping to eliminate colour measurement problems before they result in costly rework.


Company representatives will demonstrate the SpectraLight QC light booth thatoffers more standardized illumination sources than any visual assessment QC solution on the market, correctly replicating the lighting that one would find in natural daylight, at the shopping mall, at home or in other settings.


With the purchase of a SpectraLight QC light booth, customers receive access to the X-Rite Visual Color Assessment Institute, which introduces vendors and brand owners to best practices and standard operating procedures for the visual evaluation of colour. The Institute provides easy-to-understand materials that explain the basics of colour theory and special topics that apply to the visual evaluation of colour. Participants study at their own pace, then take self-administered tests online to earn a certification in best practices for visual evaluation of colours.  


In addition, X-Rite will be demonstrating its:

·       Color i™7 benchtop spectrophotometer that serves as a full-featured reference instrument for reliable digital workflow and error-free measurement of textiles;

·       RM200QC pocket-sized spectrocolourimeter that can compare the colours of textile samples with reference standards for accurate colour matching while on the go;

·       VS450® non-contact spectrophotometer that is affordable enough to be stationed for quality control at individual production machines;

·       Color iTextile document-oriented software to organize analysis of lab dips, production samples, and finished products to remove the guesswork from evaluating colours; 

·       Color i™Match software that enables quick, accurate colour analysis and the capability to optimize every formula for cost and colour accuracy of textiles;

·       Color i™QC flexible, job-oriented family of software packages that streamlines color measurement, reporting and recording to maintain a centralized, cost-effective process;

·       PANTONE™ TCX Swatches that provide the most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify color choices to clients and manufacturers; and

·       MA9X® family of portable spectrophotometers for multi-angle color measurements.  


For more information, please refer to the http://www.xrite.com website.


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